Here’s why you should rethink what you’re feeding your dog

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I’m probably not alone in this but I love my dogs Marco and Bailey and I want them to live forever, alas I know that can’t happen so we can only provide them with the best so they can be with us for as long as possible. Bailey is our older dog, when we first brought her home as a pup she suffered from the smelliest poops, would be itchy all the time and didn’t want to eat her food. The same happened with Marco when he came home with us a few months later. We thought this can’t be normal for healthy pups so we started doing some research and found that like us, most dog owners who wanted the best for their dog’s health were actually doing more harm than good.

 (Bailey on the right and Marco on the left)

Working with several dog lovers, from vets to dog trainers we learned that everything starts with what you eat – so the journey began with preparing our own dog food, researching and experimenting with different diets. After switching to a raw diet, we noticed our dog’s coat was noticeably shinier and smoother, and they get super excited every meal time shortly after making the switch from kibble. We’re talking within a matter of weeks. Their poops also became smaller and odorless, and their itchiness almost completely disappeared. They became so much more lively and their demeanor was just completely different.  After our dog’s success, we started wondering why more people weren’t doing the same.

We genuinely believe every pet parent really believes that whatever they’re feeding their dog is the best. Whether it be Orijen or Addiction or the worst brand on the market, they believe it’s the best and that’s why they’re buying it for their dog. It’s our mission to give them the education that they’re not getting — like ‘Hey, this is terrible and there’s something better out there’ — and give them the chance to think about it. This is why we started The Good Boy Co, a subscription service that brings fresh, raw dog food to loving pet parents so their pups can enjoy the same benefits of fresh food our pups have.

It’s literally food for thought. And here are a few of the many reasons you too should rethink your pup’s meal plan:

1. Food is Medicine.

Human beings are finally in tune with the fact that food has a direct correlation on our health and the way that we feel, now we’re making this connection for dogs. If you go back to the original doctor, Hippocrates, he said: ‘Let food be thy medicine.'”

It’s no wonder that when you take your dog to the vet for an upset tummy, the “magical ‘cure’ that the vets give you is just chicken and rice. Veterinarians use fresh food as the magic bullet to solve a lot of digestive problems.

Feeding your dog fresh food — food that hasn’t been sitting on a shelf for months (at best) — is very important even when they’re not sick.

2. You’ll see noticeable physical results.

Although there is no guarantee, most of The Good Boy Co’s customers have reported back results like “Shiny coat, less oily coat, no more red eyes, less odor, poops are much smaller and firmer” — the way it’s supposed to be.

Why is that? Kibble diets contain a much higher percentage of carbohydrates, less protein and less fat than the ideal amount of dogs should be eating.  So what should the nutrient content of a dog’s food look like?


Once you make the switch to a fresh, raw diet that mimics that nutrient contents of the ancestral diet, the benefits of increased fats and protein, with fewer carbs are immediately obvious. Not to mention kibble contains bag loads of preservatives and questionable quality of ingredients that can’t be good for them (but we won’t get into that part)

They can’t really express it to you, but you’ll also be able to see it in their day-to-day activity and how they act. You can tell when your dog’s not feeling well and you can tell when your dog is in super high spirits and that’s typically the result of a great diet. It’s the same thing for us, if you have a healthy lunch today you’re going to feel a lot different than if you go to McDonald’s tomorrow for lunch.


3. You probably picked out your dog food based on the packaging design.

How did you decide on your dog’s kibble? You more than likely walked into your local pet food store and picked a bag based on the picture on the front and the price point you desired. You’re not alone. This is where The Good Boy Co hopes to shift the thinking of pet owners and the industry as a whole.

We felt the whole retail dog food buying experience was broken because you walk into a pet store there are 100 brands and 1,000 different options and you don’t really know what to feed.  One bag says all natural the next one says organic the next one has a picture of your dog’s breed… and then you do a little bit of research you find out it’s all exactly the same with different marketing

These are things we would love to get people to think about. We really need people to reflect on the decision they’ve made and not necessarily feel bad about it, but feel empowered to make a change.

The Good Bo Co makes it easy to pick the right food for your dog, without doing a massive amount of research. We provide a completely opposite experience. Instead of having to go pick up the food and make decisions, we only provide meals that are biologically appropriate for your dog. You come to our website, you fill out the information about your dog and essentially the technology almost mimics what a veterinary nutritionist would be going through to figure out exactly what to give you for your dog.

Another great thing about fresh food vs. kibble? It isn’t filled with a bunch of overcooked starch, which creates acrylamide, a potentially cancer-causing chemical.

4. Even your picky dog will like it.

We’ve transitioned tons of extremely pick dogs to a raw diet, from dogs who use to only eat certain color kibbles to those that needed each meal laced with cheese and meat. Once those picky dogs start on our food they become ravenous. If you think about – if you had to eat the same meal each day from the same packet, never enjoying the benefits of fresh food, it wouldn’t be long until you get extremely bored too.

5. It’s worth the investment because it’s an investment in your dog’s well-being.

People have said to me ‘Is your food very expensive?’ Well picture this – you’re – is given two options; you pick which one you want. Option 1: Free McDonald’s for life but you have to eat McDonald’s every single day for every meal — but it’s free (kind of like kibble). Or you have to pay for food but you can eat anywhere you want. Which one are you going to go for?

Kibble is actually far worse than McDonald’s — because it’s way more processed, it has way more chemical, and there’s no variation. It’s the same thing for your dog’s entire life. Can you imagine if you ate potato chips for every meal of your entire life?

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